Saturday, March 26, 2016

We are a family...

So, my mom went into detox at the hospital.  She was there for a few days before they released her with a bus pass to get to where she needed to go.  Thankfully, she made it to a place where she could plug in her phone, called me, and asked that I meet her to pick her up.

So this is a little disturbing to me.  How are hospitals releasing patients into the community when they are still all hopped up on drugs.  When I talked with my mom after her release she was still slurring from the drugs, she was shaky, and slightly disoriented.  How do you expect someone in this state to make wise decisions?  How do you expect them not to be a target for exploitation?  I would just think good practice is to give them a day to come off the drugs and then let them go.  I'm no doctor, nor do I work in the medical field.  I'm sure the answer is that the beds are full and they need to treat other patients... but there has to be a better way.

Anyway, my mom was staying with a program who was being kicked out of there apartment.  They have to be out by the 31st of this month.  As of right now the people of this program have not been told where they will be moving to... shady much?

Going back to the beginning, my mom called and asked me to meet her at her apartment to help pack up some stuff and asked if I would call my dad to see if she could stay with him.  I called, he said yes, so I met her at the apartment, helped her pack up some of her stuff, and took her to my dads.  This is an awkward situation I may or may not get into later... but it is awkward, trust me.

As of today, Mom is still there and her and Dad went to get the rest of her stuff today... we will see where things go from here.

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